The MRTSAT 98-KA is a 98cm Ka Band motorised drive-away antenna. With its superior autopointing algorithm points to satellite in a few minutes. It can be easily mounted to any vehicle or fixed platform. Advanced Antenna Controller selects the Ka spot based on GPS location without any operator action.


  • 98cm Offset Antenna
  • Designed for Ka Band VSAT applications
  • Hands-off spot selection
  • Two axis motorised system (Optional 3-axis)
  • Strong Mechanic Unit
  • High Performance
  • Robust
  • Easy to mount
  • Compliant with Eutelsat Tooway services
  • Compliant with Yahsat Yahclick services
  • Auto-Pointing and Auto-Peaking
  • Advanced Antenna Control Capabilities of AKS250
  • Single push button is enough to operate
  • Adjustable mechanical switches and software limits
  • Accurate resolver,GPS,compass,and clinometer sensors

The MRTSAT 98-KA motorised antenna system is a reliable choice for your mobile contribution applications for broadcasters, telecom operators, and production companies.

It also matches with the need of Oil & Gas Industry, Military Communications and Disaster recovery applica- tions. Whenever and wherever you need instant broadband data communications and a powerful antenna system with a strong structure, The MRTSAT 98-KA motorised antenna system helps you provide immediate access to satellite and makes Video&Voice over IP, file transfer, e-mail or web browsing, and high-speed access possible in Ka Band.

  Transmit Recive
Frequency Band 29.5-30.0 GHz 19.2-20.2 GHz
Polarization Circular
Gain 47.2 dBi @ 29.75 GHz 43.8 dBi @ 19.70 GHz
Radio Mounting Feed
Coaxial Canare L-3CFB from transceiver to modem
Tx-Rx Cable 2 pcs Canare L-3CFB cables (7m each)
Antenna Geometry 98 cm Circular Antenna,offset feed
Mount Elevation over azimuth
Elevation Range 0°-60°
Azimuth Range ±175°
Weight 60 kg
Speed Minimum Maximum
Elevation 0.1°/sec 1.8°/sec
Azimuth 0.1°/sec 1.5/°sec
  Operational Survival
Wind Load 80km/h 160 km/h(stowed)
Ambient Temperature -30°C to.+ 55°C -40°C to +70°C
Humidity %0 – %100 %0 – %100
Mounting Plate L:117.5cm , W:44.5cm
Stowed Dish Dimension L:145 cm , W:98 cm , H:50 cm