NetRASAT® LI IP Lawful Interception (LI) Solutions

C2TECH provides end-to-end IP LI solutions for centralized backbone IP traffic. The backbone traffic is being handled from tapping to monitoring and replay. To get the highest performance, high capacity switches and packet processors are utilized for Load Balancing and Probing. C2TECH LI solution support ETSI specifications.


 IP LI Solution Contains Following Components:
•    Load Balancing and Aggregation
•    Probing an Packet Inspection
•    Decoding and Mediation
•    Monitoring and Replay
Martin Telekom has end-to-end IP LI solutions for mass interception which consists of Load Balancing, DPI Probe, Decoder and Replay components.


Professional Services
•    Integration and porting on a wide range of platforms
•    Customization for reporting depending on LEA requirements
•    Training, certification and maintenance programs


Load Balancing And Aggregation
Load balancing and aggregation are two critical points of centralized IP traffic management and Lawful Interception. In large scale IP traffic, the traffic should be balanced before processing to get optimal performance. However, aggregation of traffic should be handled for the best packet inspection.

Load Balancing and Aggregation solution catches the highest performance and utilizes best packet inspection for high throughputs.


Probing And Packet Inspection
Probing and Packet Inspection applies deep packet inspection for traffic classification and decoding.

Probing and Packet Inspection solution has advanced protocol classification, extraction of content and metadata capabilities in real-time and supports Gpbs+ throughputs.


Decoding And Mediation
Decoding and Mediation of IP data flows enable extraction of metadata which is a critical processing stage of LI.

Decoding and Mediation solution can be either integrated to Probing and Packet Inspection solutions or works standalone to enable decoding of pre-captured traffic. It supports scalability high traffic with its distributed architecture and enables protocol updates and addition of new protocols by its plug-in mechanism.


Traffic Monitoring And Replay
Monitoring of intercepted IP flows plays a key role for LI which enables user interface and rendering communication.

Traffic Monitoring and Replay solution allows user friendly interface and has many facilitative features. It is based on state-of-the-art web technologies which allow secure and remote analysis of the intercepted data.