Standard USB Sticks or Harddisks
Turn your own USB sticks or removableharddisks into portable safe and securely carry your all sensitive data or work.
All you need is a USB port: Compatible across multiple platforms without driver or software installation.

AES 256-bit Hardware Encryption
Protect your data with the hardware-based AES 256-bit encryption implemented in CBC (Cipher Block Chaining) mode.
Strong key protection: Encryption keys are managed in a chip- not USB drives or PC and stored in AES encrypted form for advance security.
User Authentication
Establish a user password to create an identity on USBK and prevent unauthorized access.
By creating a strong password, you increase the level of security protecting your data.
Multiple Key Option
Keep your professional life and private life separate by creating distinct encryption keys for your work and personal data.
Customize your privacy policy with A103 model.
Unlimited Capacity
Use any USB stick or harddisk in any capacity and possible to encrypt many USB sticks by just one USBK.
Most cost-effective way to protect privacy: Encryption cost per Gigabyte reaches to 0$ as not limited in anyway.Your privacy is constantly in danger: Whether you use a USB stick to transport data or have confidential data on your removable hard disk. Data in your removable USB drives can be read easier than a postcard when they are lost or stolen.
The USBK protects your privacy: Your USB stick got lost or stolen? In any event, your data is untouchable. You can turn your USB sticks and even your removable harddisks into a portable safe and securely carry your all sensitive data or work.