Modeo AirHD

MODEO AirHD – Live Broadband Air Video Surveillance Over 3G/4G

With Modeo AirHD, sky is not a limit anymore! You can transmit live HD Video to a far side location over broadband wireless (3G/4G/wifi) networks by using our bonding technology.Real time video information in a campaign or activity has always been and is an advantage for the players in the theatre of operation and those requiring this info from the remote locations.

  • Security Operations
  • Military Applications
  • Police
  • Intelligence
  • Media and Event Broadcasting
  • Security Patrol and Surveillance Applications
  • Trac Monitoring
  • Disaster and Emergency Situations

High Coverage Video provided from Modeo Air HD enables your system to analyse every detail of observed area with a low cost drone solution. System uses HD IP Camera, 3G/4G broadband wireless bonding card which brought together bandwith of 3 sim cards.

Modeo AirHD Datasheet Download


Live Video Transmission with Drones