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  • Mobile Internet of Things

  • M2M Communication

  • Security Applications

  • Real Time HD Video Transfer

  • Up to 6 3G/4G Channnels




  • Detects Low and Slow Attacks

  • Asset Management, Vulnerability Analysis, Attack And Threat Detection, Dpi Based Behavioral Monitoring, Risk Assesment And Management, Log Correlation


Modeo Live


  • Real Time High Quality Video Encoding

  • Few seconds time to air

  • Robust transmission of Video/Audio

  • Ability to bond multiple different 3G/4G networks by using internal/external 3G/4G modem modules


ClickNET Uydu İnternet Hizmetleri


  • Satellite broadband internet

  • Martin Telekom is a partner of Yahsat, Avanti and Astrium global satellite service providers and we can provide satellite internet (shared or dedicated) and satellite telephony solutions globally.

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  • Router

  • Access Point

  • Internet Connection Solution